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The Agricultural Business Chamber’s brand identity was in dire need of an overhaul with the logo having been scribbled on a serviette during a board meeting in the organisation’s early days of existence.

One of the challenges set before us was the threefold end user we had to keep in mind:
Members (on-boarders who needed to understand the value of their membership)
The agricultural industry (from where new members would most likely be forthcoming)
Government (those who will be lobbied on behalf of the industry)

The Agricultural Business Chamber stays abreast of all things agriculture within South Africa’s economy, but it is also an influencer. It aims to promote a secure economic environment for its members who span a broad range of companies, from cooperatives and financial institutions to animal health companies and other organised agricultural institutions.

If they all rallied together in one spot to direct a targeted offensive on policy, they would be so much more effective. And pinpointing their power at the portal of Agbiz would do the trick.

As such the GATEWAY to prosperity features as a point of entry to a promising future with a kind of a portal depicted in the logo. But it is not merely a gateway. Agbiz is “the way to prosperity” as the slogan states.

Creativity is what gives brands their traction in the marketplace.

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