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The company formerly known as the Bosveld Citrus Group is Agricultural Writers SA’s Farmer of the Year for 2014. Yet, ask any South African about them, and the odds would be that they’d never heard of the group. Though known overseas by their export and logistics company’s brand, Komati Fruits, the company barely had a brand presence in South Africa. And within the group existed a variety of brands inherited as the company expanded exponentially over a brief period of time.

The Komati Fruits group of companies is South Africa’s largest privately owned citrus producer-exporter, packing some 5,5 million cartons a year. They also cultivate subtropical crops such as mangoes and litchis and are expanding into blueberry production.

How can one leverage and strengthen the group’s overall position in the marketplace?

After conducting a full brand review, we soon came to realise that there were a couple of attributes that set them apart from other players that could be leveraged:

  • A legitimate claim to be the country’s biggest producer and exporter of citrus, as volume is key to any overseas importer.

  • They could deliver on orders, because risk was spread across three different production regions.

  • And they have world-class agricultural practices in tow.

Finalising the strategy included the clarification of the brand idea: “We nurture constant quality straight from our trees to you”. All fruit produced is of the highest quality, irrespective of the farm where it is produced. As such, all the farms and production regions were amalgamated into a single brand entity: Komati Fruits, supported by the slogan NURTURED NATURE. Then we let creativity take over to breathe life into the concept – always keeping in mind that it is not what you say it is, it’s what they (your market) say it is!

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