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We were approached by John Deere Financial to help them develop a strategy to brand, market and sell financing options to farmers.

One challenge we had to overcome was market resistance to borrowing money, which makes it a rigid environment. Owing  money at a specific rate is generally not something you easily disclose to your neighbour.

Then we had to try and formulate a way of capturing structured finance in a user-friendly manner, especially since there were so many variables that could change the final outcome such as the deposit, rates and period of payment.

Empowering the borrower so that they could structure their own finance deal was our main focus. This we combined with the friendliness and the ease of getting the finance - as easy as child’s play!

The slogan developed was “Finance built for you”, empowered by the brand adverts depicting a child playing with wooden building blocks, each one depicting one of the variables in structured finance, such as the type of equipment and the different rates applicable.

Getting the shots for the advert had its moments, as little ones lose interest rapidly. But the little guy and his mom were troopers and aided in us delivering an effective advert that had a wonderful long-running campaign. Who knew you could soft-sell finance to hardened farmers?!


Brands are defined by individuals. It’s a gut feeling because people, farmers included, are emotional, intuitive beings.

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