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We search further and dig deeper than anyone else to find the shiniest of the diamonds in the roughest roughs, and the thinnest needles in hayiest of haystacks. And then we build real relationships and work with them, trusting our

guts and experience to get those rare magic moments that don't exist yet.

If there's magic out there we'll find it.

DISCO is a party, and everyone is invited.

Disco is a casting agency that rebranded from the former 'Scouts Honour'.

The role of an outstanding casting agent is to see millions of characters and actors cast for a role and be able to spot or bring out the 'magic' in them.

It is about finding the needle in the haystack, a perfect reflection of the idea.
The agency is likened to a disco, hundreds of exciting potential gathered in their studios, waiting for their time on the dancefloor to show what they've got. It's a party, and everyone is invited.

The brand identity comprises of a mood film, introducing these characters and the idea of casting through a lens, using light and reflection as a tool to highlight and show the magic in a contemporary way. For collateral, the challenge was to print everything on either holographic or mirror textures and surfaces.

From business cards to stickers, it was time to shine and these simple but highly engaging touchpoints became a key insight into the creativity and personality of this stand-out brand and company.

Business cards



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