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John Deere Financial

We were approached by John Deere Financial to develop a campaign depicting an adjustable interest rate according to variables in structured finance. The interest rate could be structured according to the package the client desired – they could essentially determine their own rate by, for example, the deposit they were willing to pay, or the loan term.

We settled on a rain meter as a known icon in the agricultural sector where every drop counts. The rain meter was to be converted to a rate meter – including the indicators – the interest rate scale and the deposit scale.

The imagery of the adjustable rate on the rain meter crossed over into reality with a rain meter branded as a corporate gift to clients of the company. What made the rain meter even more effective and truly poignant at the time was that the country had just started recovering from a drought that lasted four years.

When the right and left brain work together, you build a charismatic brand with very positive results on the bottom line.

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