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A digital gold mine of information.

With more than 17 500 agriculture-related articles already forming part of the database, the AgTag app is the ideal way to stay informed on matters relating to South Africa’s dynamic agricultural landscape.

This app is built around the needs of the user. It can be downloaded for free on both Android and iPhone smartphones. The content on the app is organised around nine different categories, including Crops, Livestock, Game and Hunting, Soil and Water, Fruit and consists of up-to-date articles, video and sound clips from a wide range of authoritative sources. The information is continuously updated and available 24/7.

Articles in the different categories are updated on a daily basis. By just clicking on the summary of an article that interests you, you will gain access to the article in its original form, from the original source. The search function enables you to retrieve all the relevant articles on a specific theme from the database.

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